Vocal : KAMIJO
Guitar : HIZAKI
Guitar : TERU
Bass : Jasmine You (Yuu)
Drums : YUKI

single A Noble Was Born In Chaos [2008]
01 Aristocrat's Symphony.mp3
02 Suzerain.mp3
03 Zombie.mp3

album Lyrical Sympathy [31.10.2007]
1 Intro.mp3
2 The Love From A Dead Orchestra.mp3
3 Shout & Bites.mp3
4 Beast Of Desire.mp3
5 Forbidden Gate.mp3
6 The Red Carpet Day.mp3
7 Sympathia.mp3

single The Revenant Choir [23.06.2007]
01.The Revenant Choir.mp3
02.The Revenant Choir-Vocal Lesson-.mp3
03.The Revenant Choir-Bass Lesson-.mp3
04.The Revenant Choir-Drum Lesson-.mp3
05.The Revenant Choir-Guitar Lesson-.mp3

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